ParkPass Protection Regulation Policy

Data Privacy Statement

You may view the collection, processing, storing, and use of your data by ParkPass in this document.

Section 1: Information We collect From You

You give us the information you enter in the forms that are related to our online services (such as our website, and application) This information is only handled for the exact use for which you entered it.

Personal Data Collected like: your Name, Last Name, Email address, phone number, Profession, Department, National ID, and vehicle license plate number.

Section 2: How Your Information Is Stored With Us

We store all the data you provide us on secure servers. The HTTPS protocol is used for all communication between our app and databases, and secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology is used for all connections.

Section 3: Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between the Company and the Member.
  2. By agreeing to this Terms and Conditions, Member accepts all Terms and Conditions stated in this document and displayed in the parking area
  3. The Company reserves the right to grant or refuse Membership.
  4. Any notifications to the provided contact details shall be considered official and binding.
  5. Applicant must make sure that information provided is accurate as it’s the official means of contact. Should the applicant decide to change or add personal details, he or she should inform the Company with an official email with the new contact details.
  6. The Membership is non-transferable.

Section 4: Membership Responsibility

  1. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that Membership is not utilized by unauthorized person.
  2. Towing, maintaining or refueling of vehicles in the Parking Lot shall not be permitted without informing Personnel beforehand.
  3. Carrying out any business transactions in the Parking Lot is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to selling of vehicles, products, or services, whether the Member be the seller or the buyer.
  4. Members shall only use official services provided in the Parking Lot including, but not limited to, car wash and valet parking services. The use of any unofficial services is prohibited whether the service is a paid service or free of charge.
  5. Littering in the Parking Lot is strictly prohibited.
  6. The distribution of flyers in the Parking Lot is prohibited.
  7. Members must request to add/change a User from the Company
  8. Member shall handover to the new User the User’s Terms & Conditions.
  9. Members must immediately update the Company if there has been a change to their Users’ information
  10. Members may not use the Parking Lot for advertisement/marketing purposes or display any advertising material
  11. Members must immediately report any loss, damage, injury or death caused by or to their Users to Personnel.
  12. Members shall avoid tailgating while accessing the parking.
  13. Lost or damage access card charges BD 10 (Ten Bahraini Dinars).
  14. Members shall keep the access card with them while accessing the parking.
  15. Members should use the vehicle number plate or an access card to access the designated parking.
  16. Members entering the parking with the ticket will be considered as visitor and should pay the applicable car park charges while leaving
  17. Members must comply with the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain and must not take part in any prohibited act in the Parking Lot. Any such prohibited act shall be immediately reported to the police.

Section 5: Office Address

ParkPoint WLL

Office 1601, Building 614

Road 1011, Block 410,

Unisono Tower, Sanabis

Kingdom of Bahrain.

Contact Us

Direct +97339994998 (8am till 6pm)

Office +97366779955 (8am till 6pm)

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